We're absolutely thrilled to announce our newest Jazz Fest 2014 late night offering: WILD FIYA! This heavy rock and old-school funk-infused show features legendary musicians Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction), Bernie Worrell (Parliament/Funkadelic), Blackbyrd McKnight (The Headhunters-Parliament/Funkadelic), Corey Glover (Living Colour), Norwood Fisher (Fishbone), Doug Wimbish (Living Colour), Eric McFadden (P-Funk) and Mike Dillon (Garage a Trois/The Mike Dillon Band) at One Eyed Jacks for the 2AM show on Friday, May 2 (technically early AM, May 3). If you're looking for some late night craziness during Jazz Fest, this is where it'll be. 

And if by chance you need something to do before the FIYA spreads to the late night hours, May 2nd might as well be renamed Official FIYAWERX Day in New Orleans (Right? I mean, why not? I will also except Katie-Is-Awesome Day, but I'm trying to be a team player here.) because we've got you all set! Join us at Noon for FIYA FEST 2014 at Mardi Gras World, followed by FIYA WATER 2 on the Creole Queen Riverboat and then get that cake of a day all nice and frosted up with this outrageous bomb of a show at OEJs. Think you can handle all three?! (That's what she said?) Well, we think you're up for the challenge. Visit our Shows page for info and tickets.

Let's get WILD, ya heard?!