Had to make sure y'all knew we weren't playin...


Welcome to our brand new website and thanks for visiting! As a supporter of the FIYA, you probably know by now that we don't mess around. Let me break it down in case you're feeling hazy... You know our line-ups. You know our krewe. You know our killa parties. You KNOW we don't mess around. So naturally, we felt it was important to have a site just as killa to represent who we are and what we do. And here it is! We hope y'all like it. Now come back real soon, ya heard?


A Few Tips for Navigating the Site

When scrolling through the Show pages, be sure to look to your right for easy navigation buttons. Click on any section to scroll there instantly!

Be sure to check out all the drop down menus and have fun exploring each section! Go on. Get to it. 


Thanks again for checking out our new site! Be sure to come back often for news on our latest shows and events.