Thanks for checkin’ out Fiya Fest! When you purchase a ticket to the Festival you agree to be bound by the Festival's Terms and Conditions and any other condition or policy specified on our website.

Terms and Conditions

1. 1                  E-tickets

When you pre-purchase a ticket to Fiya Fest through our online ticketing system you will be issued with a bar-coded PDF e-ticket receipt via e-mail.  You must present your bar-coded e-ticket receipt on arrival at the Festival. The name of the ticket holder must match the name on the e-ticket. Photo identification must be provided.  Any discrepancies may result in cancellation of an e-ticket without refund.

The e-ticket will be scanned and a wristband issued that will enable entry to the Festival.  The wristband must be worn at all times while at the Festival.

If you arrive without your pre-issued e-ticket, your entry to the Festival will be delayed until the Festival has been able to verify your ticket purchase and process it.  Once you are wristbanded, you are free to go in and out of the site for the duration of the Festival.

1.2                  Gate Tickets

Identification is not required for tickets purchased at the Festival (Gate). For each ticket purchased a wristband is issued that will enable entry to the Festival and must be worn at all times while at the Festival.  Once you are wristbanded, you are free to go in and out of the site for the duration of the Festival.

1.3                  Child (12 and under) Tickets

The Festival encourages attendance at the Festival by families through reasonable ticket prices for children.  There is no charge for a ticket for child under 5 and tickets for children aged 5-12 years are only $10.00.  All children require a ticket and wristband, even if the child is under 5 and no charge attaches to that ticket. A Child ticket can only be purchased with an Adult ticket and level of access is determined by that of the associated Adult ticket.  The age date for determining which ticket category is relevant for a particular child is the day of the Festival.

A responsible adult must accompany children attending Fiya Fest at all times.  It is recommended that the mobile phone number of the accompanying adult be written on a child’s wristband.  In the event that the child and adult become separated, this mobile number can facilitate a speedy reunion.  For babies in strollers, the wristband may be attached to the stroller.

1.4                  No Ticket, No Entry 

Fiya Fest is a ticketed event and every person on the Festival Site during the Festival must be in possession of a valid wristband.

The Festival reserves the right to refuse entry to any person who:

is unable to produce a valid e-ticketseeks to gain entry to the Festival with a duplicate of an e-ticket that has already been scannedproduces an e-ticket purchased or obtained through illegal means, oris in possession of and refuses to surrender any prohibited or illegal object.

If a person is found on the Festival site without a valid wristband, the person will be evicted from the Festival site.  The Festival reserves the right to charge any such person with trespass.

2.                  Weather Effects & Acts of God

The Festival will take place regardless of the weather.  In the case of rain, ample indoor venues are available.  If rain is forecast it is advisable to bring umbrellas and waterproof clothing for your comfort when moving between covered areas. Once you are wristbanded, you are free to go in and out of the site to collect umbrellas, coats, etc., for the duration of the period of the Festival.

The Festival is not responsible for cancellation of event due to abnormally dangerous weather conditions, unforseen disasters, or "acts of god". 

3.                  Refund Policy

Fiyawerx Productions aims to keep ticket prices affordable while meeting the cost of producing the Festival and raising money for The Roots of Music.  The Festival’s pricing structure means that it is difficult to offer refunds.  In general, the policy is that Tickets to Fiya Fest are non-refundable.

A refund of Ticket price may be made:

(a)    where a person has applied to be a performer at the Festival and has purchased a ticket prior to being notified of their engagement as a performer at the Festival or

(b)    where a person has purchased a ticket prior to registering to be a Volunteer or being hired as event Staff or

(c)    on compassionate grounds.

For more information on our refund policy please email with “Refund” in the subject line.

4.                  Transfer Policy

Tickets to Fiya Fest are transferable on a case-by-case basis. If you are in need of a ticket transfer please email with “Ticket Transfer” in the subject line.

5.                   Acceptable and Offensive Behaviour

The Festival wants everyone who attends to feel welcome and to enjoy their time Fiya Fest.  Patrons are expected to be mindful and respectful of their fellow Festival-goers, performers, volunteers and staff, at all times.  Patrons must not engage in loud or intimidating behavior while on the Festival site. Persons on the Festival site (including patrons, performers, suppliers, stall-holders, volunteers and other Festival personnel) must comply with the law while at the Festival and follow any reasonable directions of Festival Security personnel, staff and volunteers.

The Festival has the right to refuse entry to persons, or evict patrons, who behave in a manner that:

threatens the safety of other patrons reasonably interferes with other patrons’ enjoyment of the Festival, or is illegal, inappropriate or offensive to others.

6.                   Alcohol

The Festival is a licensed event.  BYO alcohol will not be permitted within the Festival site. The Festival reserves the right to undertake bag inspections at entry points to and within the Site.

You must be aged over 21 years to purchase and/or consume alcohol.  Any person seeking to purchase alcohol may be asked to show proof of age photo ID.  If such ID cannot be provided, service will be refused.  Any person found involved in underage drinking or supplying alcohol to a person under 21 will have their wristband removed and be evicted from the Festival site.  Criminal charges may apply.

7.                   Food and Drink

The Festival has many food and drink vendors offering a broad range of food and drink for sale.  Patrons with dietary restrictions and needs may bring their own food and (non-alcoholic) drinks onto the Festival site, within reason. No large amounts of food and drink or coolers will be allowed. The Festival reserves the right to refuse items or large quantites deemed inappropriate based on their own discretion. 

8.                  Festival Stalls or Other Signage

In addition to stalls offering food and drink for sale, the Festival has many other stalls offering a huge range of products and art for sale. Unless you are a sponsor, a stall-holder for the Festival or a performer at the Festival, you are not permitted to sell food, drink, CDs or other products or erect signage on the Festival Site regarding your own business or activities.

10.                   Entry to the Festival is At Your Own Risk

Fiya Fest will not be liable for any injury, illness, damage or loss that occurs during the Festival.

For your safety footwear must be worn at all times while on the Festival site.

Please ensure that valuables are not left unattended and that you protect your belongings while on the Festival site. The Festival takes no responsibility for personal belongings lost, damaged or stolen within or around the Festival site.

11.                   The Program

While every effort is made to present the program as advertised, the Festival reserves the right to vary the advertised artists and/or program.

13.                  Smoking

There is no smoking permitted inside Mardi Gras World facilities. If you plan to smoke during The Festival, please pay attention for and adhere to smoking only in designated smoking areas.

14.                  No Animals

No animals, pets, or companion animals are allowed on the Festival site except for:

Guide dogs, Hearing dogs, or Assistance animals; that is, an animal that has been trained to assist a person to alleviate the effect of a disability

Please make your best attempt to register all assistance animals with Fiya Fest staff prior to arriving at the Festival. This will allow us to easily identify the animal and the person the animal is assisting.  Please email with “Assistance Animal” in the subject line to register your animal.

All guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance animals must be on a lead and with its person owner at all times while on the Festival site.

Fiya Fest takes no responsibility for the acts of guide dogs, hearing dogs or assistance animals.  Persons with guide dogs, hearing dogs or assistance animals may be liable for any injury, loss, or damage caused by their assistance animal while on the Festival site.