The Roots of Music’s mission is to teach, support and empower New Orleans’ youth through music education, academic support, and mentorship while preserving and promoting New Orleans’ unique musical and cultural heritage. The goal is to give the youth of New Orleans the resources to live positive, productive, self-reliant lives.

What They Do

The Roots of Music fills a void in music education programs in New Orleans schools. Marching bands were once an integral part of New Orleans middle schools but after Katrina, many schools discontinued their music programs for this age group. Today the Roots of Music serves over 100 students, making up a full marching band that has successfully paraded the city since Mardi Gras 2009.

The Roots' program provides music history and theory as well as instrumental instruction and ensemble performance preparation. They also provide academic tutoring, mentoring and homework assistance.

Participation in the Roots of Music is free for all students.